Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disability Awareness Day

On May 19th, over 40 activists from around the state traveled to Albany for the 2014 NYS Assembly Disability Awareness Day festivities.  Yes, we’re aware of the irony. 

Upon arrival, we preceded to make our presence known and told the Speaker of the Assembly exactly what we thought of the Assembly’s lack of effort to get changes made to the Nurse Practice Act.  

Banners in The Well

Speaker Silver admiring our banners

We then split up and began visiting key legislators in all of this mess, including Higher Ed Committee Chair Deborah Glick and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle.  

On our way to Glick & Morelle

Speaking with Majority Leader Morelle's staff

A number of us were prepared that day to be arrested for Civil Disobedience, but we decided that the time was not right.  We did promise all of the movers and shakers that if a legislative remedy was not at hand before the finish of this year’s session (scheduled for June 19th) that we would be back and we will be getting arrested. 

Let’s see just how aware of disabilities our Assembly representatives really are.

Will people with disabilities get the shaft, yet again?

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