Friday, June 6, 2014

Come to Albany on June 11th to FREE OUR PEOPLE!

There are two weeks left in the NYS legislative session and – despite public support by the Governor and the NYS Senate during the budget process – the legislature has still not amended the Nurse Practice Act to allow New York to fully implement the Community First Choice Option and FREE OUR PEOPLE! 

In addition to giving people with disabilities a REAL CHOICE in long term services and supports, New York State would receive over $340 million a year in extra federal funds after paying for a significant expansion in home and community based services.  And New York would continue to get that extra federal funding EVERY YEAR!

We have literally waited years for New York State to implement Community First Choice and FREE OUR PEOPLE!  Countless people have done action alerts, called their legislator, participated in countless meetings, protested in Albany, and even occupied the nursing union’s lobby for eight days!  As the budget came to a close – with assurances from leaders in the Assembly, we thought we had secured a victory.  Despite these assurances, the deal fell apart at the last minute. 

Enough is enough!

The time has come to get the job done! 

NYS ADAPTers and other disability advocates are headed to Albany on Wednesday, June 11th to make sure the legislation we need gets passed by the Assembly and Senate. 


Activists will be meeting in Albany, in the well of the Legislative Office Building (LOB) at 1 PM on June 11th.  From there, we will do a series of direct actions aimed at securing our right to live in the most integrated setting. 

In order to coordinate our efforts, please contact Dave Sutliff-Atias at or (585) 546-7510 to let us know if you have a group coming to Albany. 

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