Monday, March 24, 2014

What Happens if NPA is NOT Amended?

1.  New York will not be able to broadly implement CFC and people with all types of disabilities - whether or not they need assistance with health-related tasks - will not have a right to receive services and supports in the community.

2.  People with dementia - who currently have extremely limited community-based options in New York - will continue to be forced into nursing facilities.

3.  Families of individuals with developmental disabilities who would have received services and supports under CFC will continue to languish on waiting lists for assistance.

4.  People with mental health disabilities will not receive CFC services and supports needed to be successful in living independently and will continue to remain in - or cycle in and out of - expensive institutional settings.

5.  New York State won't generate approximately $340 million a year in extra federal funds from the enhanced federal funding associated with CFC.


  1. I'm a consumer-directed personal assistant in NYC. Does this mean, every time I assist someone with his ventilater or catheterize him, I'm breaking the law? Cool!

    1. People who are currently in the community receiving services through consumer directed personal assistance (CDPA is more than 15 years old) have an exemption to the Nurse Practice Act. People across NYS who have not been eligible for CDPA need the amendment
      to the NPA in order to live free and independently, like the person you are helping.