Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Further Explanation

I have been posting events as they have been happening on different social media outlets.  Folks with union ties have asked why we're targeting the New York State Nurses Association.  The entire situation is pretty complicated, but here is how I answered:

Community First Choice is a federal program attached to ACA that allows states to choose to participate. If they choose to do (which NY has done) they have to make changes to how they deliver and pay for services for people with disabilities that would get rid of the institutional bias. That means resources would go as much to (or more to) home-based services than institutional-based. States that do this get 6% matching funds from the Feds. So states not only save money by keeping people in their own homes but get extra money for doing it.

In NY, the Nurse Practice Act, in its current form will not let attendants perform certain tasks (see the above blog page) and the Feds will not approve CFC for our state while these are restricted. The amendments to the NPA that are needed have to go thru the Higher Ed committee of the Assembly. That is where it is stuck. We're told that NYSNA is the "progressive" org that is putting pressure on the Chair of that committee to not let NPA be amended. In our talks with NYSNA, they have told us that they are holding things up.

So we are dealing with both NYSNA and one member of the Assembly, Deborah Glick. And I gotta be honest, the silence of the "progressive" community has been extremely disappointing. 

For more explanation on Assemblywoman Glick and her role in this, visit: http://www.adapt.org/main.glick 

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