Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Come to Albany Wednesday!!!

Support ADAPT’s action – come to Albany tomorrow!
The New York State Nursing Association (NYSNA) is holding their Lobby Day tomorrow, March 26th in Albany. ADAPT has now occupied the NYSNA office in Albany for almost 150 hours in an attempt to garner NYSNA’s support for a Nurse Practice Act (NPA) amendment needed for the full implementation of the Community First Choice Option (CFC). ADAPT and NYSNA have reached an agreement on the necessary budget language, however NYSNA must ensure the Assembly supports this change in the final budget agreement.  ADAPT needs people with disabilities and advocates to join them for tomorrow’s rally at NYSNA’s Lobby Day.
NYSNA plans to talk about “safe staffing”. Let’s talk about the rights of people with disabilities to live in the community!
Meet at McDonald's along the concourse at Empire Center at 11:30 AM. 
For questions, email Dave Atias: dave34 [at] gmail [dot] com
For more information on ADAPT’s activities so far, visit these links:

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  1. I hope the day is going well. I wish I could be there. You might have a look at this blog post I just finished, which I think relates to this nonsense over who is "qualified" to give us meds or, say, work a ventilator. http://disabilitythinking.blogspot.com/2014/03/adapt-protests-bring-back-memories.html