Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Health Care Checkup

The following Op-Ed is a nice nod to ADAPT's effort to bring CFC to New York, though there are concerns.
How long has ADAPT been at NYSNA?

First, who will be on this commission?  Will there be anything more than token representation of the disability community?  Second, doing something cheaper is admirable, but that seems to be the main motivation behind looking at health care.  People's rights over being able to decide over who touches an individual's body should be the main issue.  Cheaper is good, but an evolved society doesn't put money over civil rights.

But overall, we're good with what the TU is saying.

From the Times Union, Albany, NY:

Our opinion: In the debate over who should provide care to the disabled, the sick or the elderly, what’s in the best interests of patients is the real question.

Last week’s sit-in at the New York State Nurses Association is just one symptom of a broader issue: how we balance our desire for quality care with our demand for affordable care.
It’s time for New York state to take a deeper look.

This isn’t a problem we should be resolving one ache at a time. As aging baby boomers require more health services, the state needs to be looking comprehensively at how it helps — and hinders — the health care industry in providing the best possible service at a cost individuals and society can afford.

We might start by acknowledging that there isn’t necessarily a clear right and wrong side in disagreements like the one between NYSNA, which is a union of nurses, and ADAPT, short for Americans Disabled for Attendant Programs Today, which staged the demonstration.

ADAPT wants NYSNA to support a proposed amendment to the Nurse Practice Act, which allows only nurses to perform certain tasks, such as administering medication or helping patients with equipment like ventilators. Activists for the disabled want the law to allow certain care to be done in people’s homes by “advanced home health aides,” which would both bring down the cost and allow more people to provide the services.  Read More
What do YOU think?

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